How it Works

Direct.Beer provides Independent Breweries with the resources to self-distribute directly to licensed retailers in Arizona. Direct.Beer’s goal is to create a marketplace where consumers can access highly-rated craft beer from breweries across the nation by way of local retailers.


All brands offered on Direct.Beer are priced by breweries directly to retail accounts.


  • Compliance - D.B files all taxes and submits licenses on behalf of our breweries

Offer Scheduling

Brands can be scheduled for an offer on Direct.Beer as far in advance as production schedules allow or as soon as desired for shipping. 
For long term planning, Direct.Beer can provide a conservative estimate for the number of cases that are anticipated to be sold, however we can not guarantee quantities until cases are pre-sold to retailers.

For short term planning D.B needs brand information at least 24 hours prior to pre-sale opening to formulate an offer.
Direct.Beer prefers that the offer date falls within a week of the anticipated shipping date. For IPAs D.B prefers that the package date falls in the same week it is offered for pre-sale. 

The following information is required for an pre-sale offer on Direct.Beer - 
  • Maximum case quantity that can be offered
  • Price to retail
  • Packaging type
  • Photo of label and description/tasting notes for the product
  • Package date
  • Preferred pick-up date
Once an offer is confirmed, we sell the product using the following sequence..
  • Monday at 10am - Products “launch” and pre-order availability is released to retailers
  • Tuesday - Pre-order closes and remaining inventory is removed from the site
  • Tuesday - Purchase orders and BOLs are sent to Breweries for the amount of pre-ordered cases
  • Wednesday through Friday - Orders are picked up
  • Upon pick up - Brewery invoices Beverage Advisors ℅ {state} Retailers for total cases/kegs ordered.


All shipping/delivery is coordinated/paid for by Direct.Beer. 


Upon delivery to retailers, payment is initiated from retailers directly to breweries or distributors via ACH transfer. 

Breweries are notified by email prior to to deposit to their bank account.
After an invoice is 100% reconciled D.B will send an invoice for our fee. 24 hours after sending the invoice D.B will charge the brewery via ACH transfer.

And then rinse and repeat!!

FAQ - 


How long does it take for breweries to receive payment for the product shipped?

Payment is typically received by breweries 7-10 days after products land in Arizona. Thus, 15-20 days after pickup.

What if products are damaged in transit?

Direct.Beer will make payment to breweries whole for damaged products and manage any claims to carriers.

What if a retailer’s payment bounces or payment is not whole?

In the event that a payment is missing or inaccurate, DB will reconcile the missing payment and proceed accordingly on the back-end.