What We Deliver

  • High-Quality Beer

    Get 4.2+ rated beers, freshly-brewed from award-winning small breweries across the country.

  • Direct From Breweries

    Our beer comes direct from the brewery to your fridge to ensure quality you can taste.

  • Complete Flexibility

    Shipping is always FREE, and you choose the styles and breeries you want.

How It Works

1. You Choose Styles

When you select your styles, you are guaranteed beer from the most acclaimed breweries across the country.

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2. We Curate

Based on your preferences, we curate a handpicked assortment of brews from our highly-rated collection, ensuring your box is filled with the freshest and most exceptional beer.

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3. We Deliver

Your box ships for free, direct to your doorstep.

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4. You Enjoy

High-quality beer delivered to your door means more time for amazing beers together.

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Enjoy Access to Beer from the Best Breweries Around the Country

We collaborate with the top 1% of breweries nationwide, ensuring access to an extraordinary selection of beers. Here are just a few examples of the incredible breweries you could enjoy.

  • Eye of the Tiger

    Anchorage Brewing

  • Juicy Bits

    Weldwerks Brewing Co.

  • HDHC Broccoli Special Reserve

    Other Half Brewing

  • Chonk - Dole Whip

    Drekker Brewing Company

The Reviews Are In

  • "What a variety that shows up. Never a disappointment on the beers! I anticipate my deliveries like a kid on a birthday!"

    - Kyle

    Columbus, OH

  • "This is by far the best way to get craft beer from all over the country. And to get your hands on some rare stuff too!!"

    - Kelly

    Glendale, IL

  • "I moved to Miami from Los Angeles and Direct Beer has been my lifeline to West Coast beers."

    - Jordan

    Miami, FL