What the French!?
What the French!?
What the French!?

What the French!?

The Brewing Projekt
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  • 4.08 rating on Untappd
  • 4.04 Brewery rating
  • Double Milk Stout
  • 6.3% ABV

“What the French toast?!”

That’s what I exclaimed after my first sip of today’s creamy, lactose-loaded Milk Stout. Its cinnamon-sprinkled and maple syrup-drizzled depths taste like my favorite decadent breakfast in a glass!

I wanted to swap out all of my morning meals for this Frenching fantastic brew, but my roommate told me that would be Frenching silly. It’s cool, though — with its espresso, mocha, and vanilla bean undertones, What the French?! is just as luxurious as an after-dinner treat.  

I already knew those Wisconsinites at The Brewing Projekt were really Frenching talented. Their other styles are fantastic! And today’s formidable breakfast-inspired sipper confirms they also excel at Stouts.

It’s the only stash outside of Tavour that is leaving the Midwest though, so you better move Frenching fast.