Vanilla Imperial Stout

Vanilla Imperial Stout

Hubbard's Cave
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  • 4.03 Rating on Untappd
  • 4.16 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Imperial Stout with Vanilla Beans
  • 12.0% ABV

The last time Tavour got its hands on today’s silky smooth 12% ABV Vanilla Imperial Stout from Chicago’s Hubbard’s Cave, their entire stash of about 50 cases sold out in one day - one can at a time!

Seriously. They were bombarded with so many emails and phone calls they thought the Tavour app was broken.

Turns out, Tavour members were just so gaga for this spiked vanilla latte in-a-can, they couldn’t help but buy up the entire stash, score it an impressive 4.19 rating, and demand that they bring it back!

But what about poor Arizona? None of the loyal AZ craft fans got a chance at this vanilla-soaked sipper. Lucky for you Direct.Beer has managed to get some cases headed your way, but you don’t want to wait to snag a few. Getting your hands on eveb one of these decadent beers outside of Chicago is like finding buried treasure — boozy, chocolatey-vanilla treasure. Totally awesome.

And it isn’t just sweet-toothed Tavourians losing their marbles over Vanilla Imperial Stout. Fans all over Untappd are going absolutely bonkers for this dessert-inspired brew:

“Oh my! Delicious combo of rich chocolate, vanilla, & toasty goodness!”

“The aroma is intoxicating! Big vanilla on the nose, great mouthfeel, mmm.”

“Roasted malt and vanilla on the nose. Fantastic vanilla flavor with a creamy base. Tasty AF. Another winner-winner from Hubbard’s Cave.”

“Winner-winner” is right.

Today’s beer is a mouth-watering example of the kind of boozy, flavor-packed brews that helped Hubbard’s Cave climb the ranks of the Midwest Dessert Stout scene. Their pantry of 4+ UT rated treats has even earned them a higher brewery rating than their counterparts at Toppling Goliath and 3 Floyds!

So, grab a few cases of Vanilla Imperial Stout and count yourself among the exclusive group of craft fans lucky enough to taste this sweet brew. And while you’re at it, grab a couple of extra for your customers and buddies. Because beer is better enjoyed with friends.