Vacanza Coconut Cream Pie Gose

Vacanza Coconut Cream Pie Gose

Wild Leap Brew
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  • Variant is too new for ratings!
  • 4.03 Brewery Score
  • Gose
  • 5.5% abv
  • Package date: 11/23

Vacanza means ‘vacation’ or ‘holiday getaway,’ but part of the meaning gets lost in translation. There’s an element of escape, quality time, and cherishing the moment that make life worth living — that’s vacanza.

Wild Leap captures this vibe in their Vacanza Dessert Sour series. The brewery crafts these special-edition brews for people who take their leisure very, very seriously. 

Well, get ready to take a pie-cation with today’s Coconut Cream Pie. This tangy treat is a fresh and slightly tart Gose-style Ale fermented with actual coconut.

If you're the type who's so serious about leisure that your most-used phone setting is "Do Not Disturb," then this brew will help you slide right into fall. Today’s fruit pie-inspired delight is a perfect rainy day sipper to pair with watching Netflix or football. Shoot, you’ll get so relaxed you may even set up a hammock in your living room.

And Wild Leap is the ideal brewery to make such a Sour. These guys have been dropping creamy fruit bangers all year. In fact, some of Tavour’s top-rated fruity Milkshake IPAs of 2019 have been from the sunny Georgia brewery. And these guys have a higher Untappd rating than the Fruit Sour masters at Urban Family and New Glarus!

With today’s Coconut Cream Pie Sour you’ll rethink what it means to take a beer-cation. Because this year, you’re taking it one step further and indulging in a pie-cation. 

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