Truck Chaser

Truck Chaser

Wild Leap Brew
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Estimated Arrival : December 2nd - 6th

  • 4.13 Rating for Truck Chaser Creamsicle DIPA on Untappd
  • 4.03 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Double Milkshake IPA
  • 8.1% ABV

I’ll never forget the neighborhood ice cream truck from my childhood. Every time that familiar tune came chiming along, my buddies and I would scramble for whatever money we could grab and take off running!

We sprinted for what felt like miles. Friends got left behind while others fell and scraped their knees. Sometimes, we never caught that damn ice cream truck at all.

If you’re anything like me, today’s brew is for you! Like an ice cream truck of dreams, Georgia’s Wild Leap brewed Truck Chaser Strawberry Eclair as the Arizona forever-summer afternoon treat you deserve after all that running — or just after a long day at work.

One sip of this lusciously velvety-juicy IPA, and you’ll see why USA Today named Wild Leap this year’s Best New Brewery. This ace brewing team used lactose to give this brew a silky mouthfeel and a creamy milkshake appearance, expertly recreating the taste of those ice cream treats you chased as a kid.

Take a sip, and this Double IPA drips with explosions of juicy strawberry with light and airy whipped cream pastry. The only thing missing in this adults-only eclair is a popsicle stick!

With a relaxing 8.1% ABV, Truck Chaser Strawberry Eclair just begs to be sipped outside on a lazy afternoon. If you see an ice cream truck approaching, hold up your brew to let them know you’re all set. You’re not a kid anymore!

*This is the third brew in Wild Leap’s limited Truck Chaser series, and it’s only making its way ‘round the neighborhood once. Grab a couple for your customers and their friends while you’re at it to make sure nobody gets left behind!

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