Thor is My Co-Pilot

Thor is My Co-Pilot

Drekker Brewing
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  • 4.19 rating on Untappd
  • 4.07 Brewery rating
  • Double NE IPA
  • 8.0% ABV

I’m pretty sure that if the God of Thunder were into craft beer, today’s Thor Is My Co-Pilot Lactose Double IPA would be his favorite.

First of all, it’s named after him. 

Now, I’m no Norse God (as much as I like to think I am), but even I would go weak in the knees for a silky, creamy, passionfruit creamsicle-like sipper, especially if it were named in my honor. 

Then there’s the fact that this 4.21 UT-rated DIPA clocks in at an Asgardian-sized 8% ABV and brims with enough bold, tropical, resinous hop flavors to satisfy a whole army of Valkyrie. 

And it’s loaded with  passionfruity Simcoe, grapefruit-soaked Citra, mango-ey Mosaic, and piney, resinous CTZ Hops, so every sip feels like you’re kicked back on a crushed velvet davenport in Valhalla, just sippin’ on a boozy tropical smoothie while your loyal subjects fan you with palm leaves.

Plus, it's crafted by the brew-Vikings at North Dakota’s Drekker

Not only have they dubbed their massive Fargo taproom, “Brewhalla,” but they’ve been wielding the power of big, juicy, smoothie-inspired sippers for nearly 5 years! These US Open Beer Championship award-winners are so beloved in the upper Midwest, folks from Wisconsin and Minnesota drive 4+ hours just to stock up on their favorite brews! 

Which means that unless you’ve got a seriously sweet hookup out in Fargo — or, like our Norse friend, you can fly there via the power of Mjolnir — the only place to get your hands on today’s beer is right here.

So, if you’re ready to feel like a God and drink like a Viking, then load up on a small stash of Thor is My CoPilot. Call up your buddies, throw on your most battle-worn horned-helmet, and indulge in this boozy, hop smoothie from the comfort of your own Brewhalla.

Skol to that!