Things of That Nature "Seen It"
Things of That Nature "Seen It"

Things of That Nature "Seen It"

The Brewing Projekt
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  • 4.24 rating on Untappd
  • 4.04 Brewery rating
  • DIPA
  • 9.0% ABV

If you and your customers have never made the trek to The Brewing Projekt's Wisconsin Taproom, you aren't likely to have seen or tasted any of their beers that have not come through this site.

Today's whopping 4.24 UT-rated Double IPA is no exception. You just ain't Seen It.

Another 4.2+ rated beer in the TBP's Things of That Nature series, Seen It is brewed with massive amounts of Citra and Eldorado hops and is overflowing with flavors of the tropics. 

Drippy melon, ripe mangoes, and pineapple crank up the tropical dank meter to levels of pure madness. Just hear how one Untappd user describes this beer...

"That EL DORADO! Pure Stank! So utterly delicious. This is PURE FOOD. I never thought I would get to drink something so sacred in my life. No joke, this is the nectar of the GODS. Perhaps the DANKEST YET from The Brewing Projekt, who are one of the three biggest Gods of Brewing, up there with Toppling Goliath and Drekker. Unbelievable. MIND-BLOWING."

This guy likes beer. This guy likes all caps. This guy knows what he's talking about because Seen It is straight gold. So give your customers a shot at being as emphatically in love with The Brewing Project and this beer as our friend Shlar.