The Great Experiment Volume 7: Integrity

The Great Experiment Volume 7: Integrity

Barrier Brewing Co.
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  • Too new for ratings!
  • 3.87 Brewery rating
  • NE IPA
  • 8.1% ABV

The Pro Brew: Four rising star breweries joined forces for one epic, experimental Hazy Imperial IPA.

The Roster: Massachusetts' Vitamin Sea, New York’s Barrier, England’s Northern Monk, and Germany’s Fuerst Wiacek.

Final Score: A massive double dry-hopping of Mosaic, Huell Melon, Summit, and Cascade come to life with a juicy experimental yeast strain for a dank strawberry-mango bellini of an Imperial IPA with a bone-dry finish. 

We can count the number of juicebombs we’ve seen from Germany on one hand, and we’d still have a few fingers left for future releases.

That’s why we’re so stoked Berlin’s Hazy innovators at Fuerst Wiacek are showing off their juice making skills. The brewery’s expertise was enriched by touring the world and apprenticing at Põhjala, Beavertown, and Boneyard Beer, before launching their own dynasty. 

Northern Monk from Leeds worked alongside them on today’s brew. The brewery is a World Beer Cup medalist, and the first British brewery to medal in an IPA category at an American beer competition! 

The Great Experiment Vol. 7 is a world-wide celebration of hoppy beer, brewed with the New York collab-kings at Barrier for their 10th anniversary!

Then, just when we thought the line-up couldn’t get any crazier, surprise guest Vitamin Sea dropped in from Massachusetts and made a splash.

They’re one of the hottest smoothie IPA creators in the US right now. Boston Magazine readers declared Vitamin Sea the Best Brewery in New England  — and they share a state with Trillium and Tree House!

If you missed it at the top, these 4 all-star breweries teamed up to create an 8.1% ABV, resin-bomb, strawberry-mango bellini of an Imperial IPA!

That’s more than enough of a heads-up. You’re on your own now; I have some sipping to do. If you miss this one, don’t come knocking on my inbox.