The Great Experiment Volume 6: Courage
The Great Experiment Volume 6: Courage

The Great Experiment Volume 6: Courage

Barrier Brewing Co.
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  • 4.0 average rating on Untappd for TGE Series
  • 3.87 Brewery Score
  • Collaboration brew with Dry & Bitter (3.75 Brewery Score), Mumford Brewing (3.95), and Track Brewing Co (3.85)
  • IPA
  • 8.1% ABV

Today’s The Great Experiment Vol. 6 IPA is basically like if The Avengers came together to craft an out-of-this-world juicebomb! 

A limited-release brew, today’s hazy pour will crush any nemesis in its path: 

  • Workday boredom? Slash it with buckets of vibrant, tropical juice and a spritz of tangerine zest from the double dry-hopping of Citra, Mosaic, Sabro, and SImcoe Hops
  • An alien army invading from outer space? The 8.1% ABV will help you relax and prepare for battle.
  • Need new breweries on your tasting passport? This special release is a four-way collab between some of the juiciest names on the beer scene, two of which require an actual passport to enjoy! It’s like a craft tasting world tour in every sip.

So who are the Craft Avengers we have to thank for today’s kick-ass hazebomb? Drum roll, please...

  1. Barrier: With their Shadows and Dust voted the Best IPA in the State at this year’s Best Brews of New York competition, these hazmasters sent out the call-to-collab to celebrate their upcoming 10-year anniversary! That earns them the title of Captain America of the Craft Avengers! 
  2. Mumford: A fellow United States craft establishment with juicy ideas and a little bit of friendly West/East Coast Rivalry, Mumford is the Ironman of this collab! Referred to by Hop Culture as one of the West Coast's best breweries, Mumford is known for their long lines on release day and dankest LA IPA's.
  3. Dry & Bitter: The Danes from Dry & Bitter are tough as sh*t and true Scandinavian brewers, so for obvious reasons, this crew is the Thor of Hops! Ranked even higher than the world famous Danish brands Mikkeller and To Øl on Untappd, Dry & Bitter packs a mighty, piney punch!
  4. Track: With their last IPA collab earning a whopping 4.53 Rating on Untappd, these brewers seem to know everything when it comes to hazy creations! Their infinite knowledge and British-ness means they’re the clear choice for the Dr. Strange of today’s crafty collab

If you’re ready to have your world rocked by the hop-fueled Avengers of Craft, grab a few cans of today’s epic four-way collab. 

Just don’t wait too long… this juice-fueled brew is rarer than an actual team of super-heroes, and our little stash is going to disappear in a snap.

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