The Experiment

The Experiment

Anchorage Brewing
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  • 3.96 rating on Untappd
  • 4.04 brewery rating
  • Blueberry Sour
  • 7.0% ABV

When the Sour Ale gurus at Anchorage Brewing used 2.8 tons of hand-picked wild Alaskan blueberries (the weight of 2 adult male Bull Moose) to create The Experiment Sour Ale, it caused one of the most frenzied release days in the brewery’s history -- the biggest since Deal With The Devil.

Now bottled for the very first time, we’re unleashing The Experiment to rabid fans in the Tavour community and bracing ourselves for the stampede. Brewed with 5 pounds per gallon of wild blueberries, it packs in 5x more fruit than your typical Fruit Beer! This French oak foudre-aged fruit bomb delivers the most potently jammy and tart berry flavor we’ve encountered yet.

Perhaps Untappd drinker @Linnaea W. put it best: “One blueberry sour to rule them all. From the moment you behold its deep violet hue, you know you’re in for something wild. The aroma is pure fresh-pressed, juicy berries, skin and all: bright, tart, and jammy as all get out. The flavor follows, with oaky accents from the foeder and a distinct barnyard funkiness thanks to the brewery’s mixed cultures.

Originally brewed just for personal tasting and beer festivals, this is only the second time The Experiment was ever bottled. And with only an extremely limited stash leaving Alaska, now’s your chance to experience this blueberry Sour in all its glory.

*Warning: While drinking The Experiment may not turn you into a walking blueberry, it might stain your tongue Violet Beauregarde Blue.