The Death of Civilization in Slow Motion I. (Ghost 907)

The Death of Civilization in Slow Motion I. (Ghost 907)

Adroit Theory Brewing Company
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  • 4.16 rating on Untappd
  • 3.97 Brewery Score
  • Hazy Double IPA
  • 8.0% ABV

According to founder Mark Osbourne, when you walk into Adroit Theory’s taproom, “you’ll be greeted by BOTH kinds of music — black metal, AND death metal. So, we cover all our bases in that regard.”

But, you don’t have to go all the way to Virginia to rock out with Adroit. You can headbang at home with today’s The Death of Civilization in Slow Motion Imperial IPA (Ghost 907)

This brew shares its name (and terrifyingly awesome can art) with an IPA Adroit made years ago. That beer blew the minds of Virginia craft fans with its bold hop flavors and helped put this metal-head brewery on the map!

For this brand new and even more METAL version, the brewers took everything they’ve learned crafting GABF award-winning IPAs, and created an onslaught of tropical juice with just enough bitterness to balance the fruity flavors. 

Take a sip, and you’ll discover a wailing guitar solo of citrus from Citra Hops alongside a bouncing bassline of berry flavors from Mosaic and Enigma Hops. El Dorado and Sultana Hops add wailing notes of pineapple, especially on the nose, along with a kick drum of resinous pine that comes through on the finish. 

And, unlike the hardcore tunes the brewers rock out to, this IPA goes down softer than Ozzie Osbourne’s velvet jacket — it even has a touch of lactose for a creamy finish.

So, whether you’re headbanging to Black Sabbath, or kicking back with Kenny G, you can bask in the tropical deliciousness and bold 8% ABV of this Imperial juicebomb. Just don’t tell Mark that you enjoyed his beer to a smooth jazz soundtrack.  

Adroit Theory was one of The Beer Travel Guides Must Visit Breweries at last year’s Great American Beer Festival.