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  • 3.77 rating on Untappd
  • 4.06 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Saison blended with a small portion of Wild Ale
  • 4.8% ABV

Crafted by the award-winning Wild Ale masters at Une Année, getting your hands on today’s easy-drinking Table Saison will feel like an invitation to an exclusive garden party. 

You know, the kind generally reserved for the Kennedy compound or the fancy folks who “summer at the Vineyard.” 

Only this one is hosted by one of the best breweries in Illinois and instead of daiquiris (JFK’s favorite cocktail), everyone’s sippin’ on this effervescent, lemon zest-sprinkled sipper.

Aged for six months in neutral oak barrels and brimming with bright aromas of Meyer lemons and crumbly biscuit, a bottle of today’s fruity Saison will turn any backyard shindig into an elegant affair. Just pop the top, pour it into a flute glass, and watch as your guests toast the night away while notes of nectarine and persimmon fill the air. 

But before you and your friends spend hours clinking and sippin’ on today’s 3.77 UT rated Saison, you might want to grab an extra couple cans to indulge in by yourself. 

So, grab a case or two of today’s brew for that elegant dinner date or backyard soirée you’ve been planning for your household. Lay out white tablecloths replete with fancy crackers and crumbly, white cheese, and watch glasses of Table disappear with the sunset. 

And don’t be surprised if a Kennedy shows up.