Oxbow Brewing Company
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  • 3.85 rating on Untappd
  • 3.86 Brewery rating
  • Grisette
  • 4.5% ABV

There’s nothing I love more than nerding out about beer. 

SO, did you know…. “Grisette” comes from the French word “gris,” meaning “gray?” The original Grisette was crafted for Belgian coal miners, who’d burst into their local pub after a day of work, with their faces covered by a mask of gray dust.

Turns out, the dexterous brewers at Oxbow are craft-fact geeks, too — their website sports a glossary full of “did you know’s” (including this one)! 

And, after a few smooth, funky, and sour-soaked swigs of their Surfcasting Grisette, I can confirm that they aren’t simply brew-trivia masters. They really know how to expertly craft a top-notch Farmhouse Ale using traditional European methods.  

To create this tart treat, the brewers start with heaps of American hops alongside waves of wheat, generating a tangy Grisette base. Next, they add a dash of seasalt and a succulent swell of pithy lime to complement the brew’s classically vivacious, farmhouse funk.

After a can or two, I’ll bet you’ll start spewing fun facts about the Grisette, too. Its flavors are too complex — and too funky — NOT to nerd out a little!