Peach Super Slurp

Peach Super Slurp

Junkyard Brewing Co.
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  • 4.21 rating on Untappd
  • 4.01 Brewery rating
  • Sour with peach
  • 7.0% ABV

This tart & creamy fruited sour was brewed with lactose, aged on Madagascar vanilla beans and loaded up with ripe, juicy peaches!

Aromas of candied peaches are followed up by the fruity tartness of sour peach gummy and creamy sweetness of peaches & cream! It's the perfect combination of sweet and sour, making for a super slurpable experience. Just peachy!


Let's quickly discuss our newest brewery compadres at Junkyard. They're the highest-rated brewery in Minnesota on Yelp and the winners of Growler Mag's “Best of Show” Unlabeled IPA competition

But fans aren't satisfied with getting just a taste of Junkyard’s creamy juicebombs — they want it served up in super-sized cans.

But, if you think these 750mL cans are just oversized crowlers, think again. Junkyard uses a semi-automatic canning line blanketed in CO2 throughout the process. They cap it on top of a layer of foam so that there's no room for oxygen in the can. 

So while other tap-filled crowlers from breweries around the nation are meant to be enjoyed within days of filling, these massive cans keep the beer fresh for months, just like traditional 12 or 16oz cans. 

Now that you can get your hands on Junkyard’s giant cans, you'll be on the front lines of craft innovation!