Strata Cloud Curtain

Strata Cloud Curtain

Mountains Walking
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  • 4.1+ rating for Cloud Curtain series on Untappd
  • Strata version is too new for ratings!
  • 4.01 Brewery rating
  • DIPA
  • 8.5% ABV 

Holy yikes bikes, it looks like there’s a new kind of IPA on the scene.

It’s called an Oat Whip, and it’s brewed with enormous amounts of oats in the base and a ribbon of lactose for a hugely thick, silky-smooth mouthfeel. 

The folks at Mountains Walking are among the nation’s forerunners of this new style variation — today’s Strata Cloud Curtain is the sixth addition to their Oat Whip IPA series. 


Oh, and if you haven’t heard of Mountains Walking, that’s because they still fly under the radar outside of Montana. But, if today’s succulent hopjuice is any indicator, it’s only a matter of time before craft fans across the nation start demanding a taste of this Oat Whip series. Now’s your chance to get in on it early!