Straight Hash Homie
Straight Hash Homie
Straight Hash Homie

Straight Hash Homie

Lupulin Brewing Co
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  • 4.09 rating on Untappd
  • 3.97 Brewery rating
  • DIPA
  • 7.7% ABV

The brewing wizards at Lupulin won’t let me in on the secret recipe for their dank Straight Hash Homie. I can’t blame them. I love this seasonal IIPA so much I’d probably try cloning it. I’m sure I’d mess it up though because I’m nowhere near as gifted. Obviously.

If I had to guess, they use:

  • Organic, Willie Nelson-grown hemp, for aroma.
  • A dash of fresh street graffiti for edge.
  • Carmen Miranda’s fruit hat, for flavor.
  • Cheech and Chong’s van, for some haze.

Jokes aside, I’ve tasted enough beer to know that the 7.7% ABV Straight Hash Homie is made with pure, 100% Lupulin Powder. This is basically extra potent, concentrated hop dust. A lot of brewers add it for cleaner flavors and aromas, but these guys avoided traditionally harvested hops entirely. Don’t be fooled by the soft bitterness and bursts of orange, pineapple and mango kush — no pellets or seed cones have touched this brew.

It’s a tricky science to get full flavor from Lupulin Powder alone, so that’s why this juicy brew is so awesome! Leave it to the experts at this GABF Gold Medal-Winning Minnesota brewery to nail it — Lupulin has built their reputation on 4+ rated beers and exploratory seasonal selections.

I'm sure you want to sit around with your buds, passing this one around and making your own hazy-minded guesses about its ingredients, but you gotta get it first! As a limited-release Lupulin brews only once a year, when it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t get left in the smoke!