Soakin' Up Rays

Soakin' Up Rays

The Rare Barrel
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  • 4.21 rating on Untappd
  • 4.21 Brewery rating
  • Golden sour aged in oak barrels with pink guava and passion fruit
  • 7.9% ABV

This is only the 3nd release of today’s 4.21 BA rated Soakin' Up Rays and San Francisco craft fans are trekking all the way to Berkeley to guzzle up all of the guava goodness! And once they do, they call up their closest buds to come on down and taste this delightfully tart juice.

With 3 GABF medals under their belts, The Rare Barrel is constantly trying to create the next showstopper with new fruity combinations. Only the very best make it to the taproom taste test, and this oak-aged pucker is drawing the biggest crowds.

The Rare Barrel’s master fruit fiends loaded this tropical tart with 2.5 lbs of guava and passion fruit per gallon! Fans are gaga for this lemony-pineapple quencher. Their offering up coveted Trillium and Other Half brews to snag a bottle of this succulent sipper!

These Bay Area Sour experts continue to pack their brews with big fruit flavor and the proof is in the guava pudding. Snag a bottle of this masterfully crafted brew and call up your closest buds. They’re gonna wanna get a taste of this tropical crowd pleaser.