Rocket Popsicle Sour
Rocket Popsicle Sour
Rocket Popsicle Sour

Rocket Popsicle Sour

Untitled Art
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  • 3.89 rating on Untappd for V1
  • 4.0 Brewery rating
  • Berliner Style Weisse Ale
  • 5.0% ABV

 If there’s any brewery that keeps me on the edge of my seat just imagining what crazy flavors they’re going to tackle next, it’s Wisconsin’s Untitled Art.

After all, these guys made a raspberry cheesecake-inspired IPA, a coconut cream pie Blonde Stout, and even infused Sour Patch Kids into a freakin’ GRISETTE!

And now, today’s ultra-daring Rocket Popsicle Sour!

Just like the name suggests, this pour captures the flavors of the iconic Rocket Popsicle you’d order from the ice cream truck!

Pour the can into a tulip glass and marvel at the Smurf-like hue while taking in aromas of fresh lemon. Mouth-puckering berry and tart cherry notes mingle with lemon juice on the palate for an irresistible interplay between sweet and sour. 

So go ahead, have yourself an extended Fourth of July with some cans of this nostalgic Sour. Just be sure to check that it didn’t stain your tongue before you take any photos.