Rinse/Repeat Amarillo Citra El Dorado

Rinse/Repeat Amarillo Citra El Dorado

Westbrook Brewing
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  • 4.05 rating on Untappd
  • 4.00 Brewery rating
  • NE IPA
  • 7.0% ABV

From Thrillist and USA Today right on down to local craft experts like Rob Davis of Garden & Gun, nearly every “Best of South Carolina” list out there features Westbrook Brewing

And even though their big-time dessert brews are familiar to fans far outside the state, Westbrook’s special-release juicebombs like today’s Rinse/Repeat Amarillo Citra El Dorado NE-style IPA are rarities for the rest of the country’s hopheads. 

Until today, that is — and we’re making sure our hop-lovin’ friends get to taste this juicy new Westbrook brew!

It’s the newest one-off release in the brewery’s 4+ UT-rated Rinse/Repeat Series. South Carolina craft fans have already given Amarillo Citra El Dorado a 4.05 rating on Untappd. Some are even calling this Westbrook’s “best R/R!” 

But South Carolinians aren’t the only hop fiends in need of refreshing juice — we’re thirsty too! Which is why we’re bringing some out of Charleston and into your hands. 

Once your hophead friends hear you scored today’s NEIPA, they’ll be at your door hat-in-hand begging for a ban. Aside from a few places along the Eastern Seaboard, there’s no chance they’ll see Amarillo Citra El Dorado anywhere else!

Westbrook dry hops this 7% ABV juicebomb with El Dorado, Citra, and Amarillo Hops, giving it a tropical-fruity flare dressed in a powder-soft mouthfeel. Aromas of sweet tangerines dance on top of the cloudy yellow pour. Take a sip, and luscious lychee, tangy passionfruit, and fresh OJ wash in, while distinct notes of white grapes and an herbal bitterness finishes it off. 

When the rest of us get thirsty for Westbrook, Direct.Beer swoops in to level the playing field. Stock up on this Carolina juicebomb while you can, and give your customers a solid upper hand to play in their next beer trade!