REGIME (Ghost 916)
REGIME (Ghost 916)

REGIME (Ghost 916)

Adroit Theory Brewing Company
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First photo is variant X, second photo is XI label.
Estimated delivery date: November 20th-30th


  • Too new for ratings! (REVOLT rated 4.26 on Untappd!)
  • 3.97 Brewery Score
  • Hazy Triple IPA
  • 10% ABV

Today’s beer is already sold out in Adroit Theory’s online store. In fact, it sold out before they even canned it. The brewery did keep a little stash of 35 cases available at their Virginia taproom, but by the time you read this, those will almost certainly be gone, too. 

Which means, the only place on the planet you can still score cans of REGIME (Ghost 918) Triple IPA is right here. This brew from the coveted COBRA series is almost as hard to find as an original 1963 G.I. Joe Action Figure!

But, it’s worth searching for — the last three brews we managed to snag from this series all earned 4.2+ ratings on Tavour

Not just for the awesome G.I. Joe can art; it’s the impossibly smooth and crushable profile of this 10% ABV juicebomb that has fans clamoring for more.

You won’t detect even a hint of the eye-popping ABV beneath a sea of tangy mango and dank orange peel. Pops of bright pineapple lead into the finish, where a rustle of piney resin serves to dry things out and balance all the fruity flavors with a slight bitterness.

Even if you don’t play with action figures anymore, you can still battle with the nefarious forces of COBRA. All you have to do is call up some buddies, crack open a few cans of REGIME, and raise a toast: GO JOE!