The Brewing Projekt
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  • 4.08 rating on Untappd
  • 4.04 Brewery rating
  • Hazy IPA
  • 6.8% ABV

My buddies always tease me for what they call my “screw it, let’s do it” mentality. 

That crazy steep slope at the ski resort? Screw it, let’s do it. The famous naked bike ride in Portland? Sure, screw it, let’s do it. 

Oh, and downing a six-pack of the brand new Tyrannosaurus Rawr Hazy IPA in one night? I think you can guess my answer…

But that’s where you and I should really draw the line. Because I’m sure we’d both regret pounding our whole stash of this fruit-soaked brew all at once. To score more, we’d have to travel all the way to Wisconsin and visit The Brewing Projekt.

As one of Food & Wine’s 19 Craft Breweries Worth Going Out of Your Way For, the trip would be totally worth it for more Rawr. But, by the time we get there, I’m not confident they’ll have any left!

And with such a limited stash coming to Direct.Beer, you can bet I own my “screw it, let’s do it” mentality and scored a couple 6-packs for myself. 

Because, let’s be honest — if you’re like me and lack self-control (especially around juicy AF beers), you and all of your customers are going to need that back-up stash soon.