Raspby Voices
Raspby Voices

Raspby Voices

Destination Unknown Beer Co.
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  • 3.82 rating on Untappd
  • 3.97 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Sour
  • 3.3% ABV

I freakin’ love berries. 

Seriously, I can’t get enough of this juice-packed fruit, and I’ll easily dive headfirst into a bowl full of ‘em. It’s not long before a friend turns up with a napkin and pleas for me to wipe the spectrum of purple and pink juices off my face. 

I’m guessing that’s why they introduced me to Raspby Voices Sour Ale from Destination Unknown Beer Company. Now I can quench my berry thirst without the mess!

That’s because the New York Craft Beer Competition award-winning brewers at DUBCO packed this pinky maroon sipper full of real raspberries for full juicy decadence. Then, they added a hefty dose of Black Tea for a silky raspberry Snapple experience. 

My friend is sure to be pleased because I’m not letting any of this 3.3% ABV berry juice run down my face — I don’t want to waste a single drop! Such a blend of tart and sweet makes this velvety, fruited Sour pucker the lips just slightly before I pull them into a satisfied smile. 

It’s a tangy, berry-blasted juice! 

Because DUBCO brews are a rare sight outside of Long Island, I stocked up my fridge with all the Raspby Voices cans that would fit. Hey, who needs space for food when you’ve got berries, tea, and grains in one beverage? 

As I explained to my friend, that’s like three different food groups right there! 

Of course, I didn’t forget my fellow fruit juice-craving Arizona Retailers. So start making room in your own fridges, ‘cause now’s your chance to stock up on all the berries you’ll need to last you through quarantine.