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  • 3.95 rating on Untappd
  • 3.9 brewery rating
  • IPA
  • 6.8% ABV

My love affair with craft beer started in the Pacific Northwest, and whenever I crave my citrus-soaked, evergreen roots, I crack a can of pFriem IPA.

pFriem just won Mid-Size Brewery of the Year at GABF, but this stuff’s been a fridge staple around here for years. Every sip reminds me of a simpler time, when all I needed was a massive dose of Hops to wallop my palate with flavor! When hopbombs reigned supreme and the craft beer section was nothing but IPAs.

A time when my phone couldn’t receive spam emails and no one had even heard of a Kardashian. I might be drifting a little off topic here, but you get what I’m saying. Take a swig of this 7.2% ABV IPA and it’ll remind you why you loved hoppy brews in the first place. Because this stuff checks all the hophead boxes!

Intense hop aromas: check. An aura of peach, satsuma, and papaya notes levitates from the glass.

Citrus: check. Bright flavors of lychee and bitter grapefruit zest promenade across the palate, thanks to dry hopping with Mosaic and Citra Hops.

Pine: check. Highlights of pine abound from the spicy-evergreen lineup of Chinook and Warrior Hops.

The world of craft beer has evolved a lot over the past couple of decades. We have more styles, choices, and flavors than ever before, and that’s awesome! But sometimes I just need a resinous hopbomb of an IPA. Grab a few cases of pFriem IPA and let it turn you into a hophead all over again.