Plum Tuckered-Out Double Double Porter

Plum Tuckered-Out Double Double Porter

Hoppin' Frog
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AVAILABLE IN PACKAGE AND DRAFT - Just in time for Valentines Day!
Estimated delivery: 2/7 - 2/14

  • 4.08 Rating on Untappd
  • 3.99 Brewery rating
  • Double Porter (High Gravity Series)
  • 16.8% ABV

You know those days when you just need to kick back and take a little time all for yourself? Yeah, those days when there’s nothing quite like coming home to a delicious, boozy reward in your fridge!

You’ve worked hard, you’ve earned today’s strong and juicy Plum Tuckered Out Double Double Porter!

That’s not a typo — the brewmasters at Ohio’s GABF award-winning Hoppin' Frog added the extra “double” because of the marathon of fermentation that pushed this Porter to a mind-blowing 16.8% ABV. And they infused it with plum purée!

The booziness entices you to relax with this powerhouse of a Porter, but it’s the creamy sweet revelry of flavors that’ll really take your mind off of the day’s challenges! The plum infusion adds a deep juiciness rarely found in dark brews, delivering wave after wave of jammy zendom.

It’d be great to have a huge stash of Plum Tuckered Out for those rough days, but you’ll have to act quickly — Direct.Beer and Tavour are the only place to get it outside of the Midwest, and it’s bound to go fast!

Once you get Plum Tuckered Out Double Double Porter in your hands, you’ll want to turn off the phone and lock the door. At the end of those days, nothing’s gonna get in the way of some much-needed you time!