Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Hoppin' Frog
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  • 3.99 Brewery rating
  • Shandy
  • 7.0% ABV

A juicy pineapple taste and aroma adds a delightful tropical compliment to the refreshing lemon and light malt flavors of this citrus ale. Complex and satisfying, taking citrus ales to a whole new level.

Mix juicy pineapple with refreshing lemon-flavored Pellegrino, spike it with booze, and you’ll get a taste of today’s 7% ABV Pineapple Upside Down Cake Shandy Citrus Ale. The award-winning Hoppin’ Frog delights us again with today’s expertly balanced lemon-pineapple quencher that outboozes others in its’ style.

This Shandy is clean, sweet, and unfathomably refreshing. Its fruity crushability perches adroitly upon an biscuity Pilsner-like base. With extreme drinkability and high ABV, this is more than your everyday Shandy.  Like other shandies, it’s the perfect companion for your springtime adventures. Alas, we offer a few precautions:

-Do have something comfortably horizontal nearby, like a leather loveseat with double hand/foot reclining functions. Why? After a can or two you’ll end up laying down, in a state of ultimate relaxation.

-Don’t try to mow the lawn. We know, we know -- we like mowing the lawn with a delicious cool brew, too. Heed our warning or you’ll accidentally cut a yard critter in half-- “frog legs for dinner, hon!”

-Do host a big backyard bash with all your friends and serve this -- only this! Even the Grinch would make a grab for this perky spring Radler!

We love dessert-inspired citrus-infused Shandies. We love Imperial Ales. And now we’ve discovered something we really love: a boozy Pineapple Upside Down Cake Shandy that’s more crushable than our wildest dreams.