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  • 3.95 Rating on Untappd
  • 3.99 Brewery rating
  • Belgian Quad
  • 15.4% ABV

My friend Todd claims he doesn’t like high ABV brews. But when I shared a bottle of today’s 15.4% ABV Pentuple Belgian-Style Strong Ale, he couldn’t believe how sweet and smooth it went down!

Then Todd tried to get up too fast and almost fell over.

Yeah, that high ABV sneaks in stealthily but surely between the cherry, raspberry and pear flavors! Undertones of toffee, orange zest and nutmeg help mask it further on the finish. Each syrupy mouthful is an increasingly deceptive whirlwind of citrus, fruit and spice!

The Ohio-based brewers at Hoppin’ Frog are renowned across the region for ultra-strong brews, many of them clocking in at 10% ABV and higher. Their big, bold beers have earned oodles of GABF and International Beer Fest awards, along with frequent callouts in Thrillist and Paste Mag.

For Pentuple, Hoppin’ Frog took a Belgian Tripel and supercharged it. Their ace brewing team loaded this beer up with pale malts and jacked up the ABV, to the point that they’re claiming the Pentuple as a new style of beer altogether!

You can be the judge of that, because we were able to grab a small stash over here at Direct.Beer! Hoppin’ Frog only brewed Pentuple in limited batches, and this is the only way to get it outside of Ohio and a couple other states!

Because of the high ABV, you’ll want to share this one with your own Todds. Whatever you do though, don’t stand up too quickly.