Our Sour: Bois & Berries

Our Sour: Bois & Berries

Barrier Brewing Co.
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  • 4.08 from early reviewers on Untappd
  • 3.87 Brewery rating
  • Sour Ale with Blueberries, Boysenberries, Blackberries, and Lactose
  • 5.7% ABV

I’m a huge fan of New York’s Barrier Brewing, and anyone who’s ever peeked inside my beer fridge knows it. But until today, I had never tasted a Barrier Sour Ale. 

I’d tried, but they’ve only made a handful of tiny, experimental batches. And they were so scarce that even most local fans didn’t get a sip!

Thankfully, that ends today with a delicious pint of Our Sour: Bois & Berries — the first in Barrier’s brand-new ‘Our Sour’ series, and the first batch of Fruited Sour they’ve ever made that’s big enough to share

After tasting its berry sorbet flavors and mildly tart base, I can confidently say that Barrier has nailed Sours just like they mastered IPAs and Stouts!

And that’s no surprise: this crew is one of Forbes’ Best New York City Breweries. No wonder Big Apple craft fans squeeze themselves onto crowded trains for over an hour just to visit the taproom!

That traffic will only increase now that Barrier has added this super-fruity Sour Ale to their repertoire. It’s packed with real boysenberries, blueberries, and blackberries along with a touch of lactose for a creamy finish. Take a sip, and it’s like a spoonful of freshly made mixed-berry gelato melting across your tastebuds!

Snag yourself a few cans of Bois & Berries and sample Barrier’s Sour skills for yourself.