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  • 4.06 rating on Untappd
  • 4.04 Brewery rating
  • DIPA
  • 8.4% ABV

Today’s beer is a chance to taste a brand new Hazy from 4.19 BA-rated Anchorage Brewing, and an opportunity to try a rarely-seen hop variety you’ve probably never tasted before. It’s Origin Double IPA, brewed with 100% ultra-rare Southern Passion Hops from South Africa!

Everytime I see a new Hazy from Anchorage Brewing, I imagine my Tavour friends hunkering down to wait for the inevitable rush of rabid fans begging for a sip. For Origin, thirsty craft fiends started pummeling the breweries social media with ISOs from all over the country before the brew was even released!

They really shouldn’t have bothered. The only places to snag this juicebomb are way the hell up at the Anchorage taproom, Tavour, and right here on Direct.Beer.

With no other hop to stand in its way, Southern Passion’s bold tropical fruit and floral flavors shine bright in every sip of Origin. Bursts of dank papaya and juicy mango drip across the palate, while subtle floral flavors lurk in the background. At the finish, a hit of smooth coconut lingers on the palate.

Southern Passion Hops are only grown in South Africa, so it takes a seriously connected brewer like Anchorage’s Gabe Fletcher to get a hold of them. Besides, few brewers are talented (and crazy) enough to use such a rare and expensive variety as the only hop in an 8.4% ABV Double IPA!

Anchorage only made 40 barrels of this limited release, and like all Anchorage brews they will disappear almost instantly. This is a must-try beer for any Anchorage fan, any Hazy fan, and anyone who loves to explore new hop flavors.