Motueka Cloud Curtain

Motueka Cloud Curtain

Mountains Walking
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  • 4.11 rating for on Untappd
  • 4.01 Brewery rating
  • 8.5% ABV 

The last time we got our hands on Mountains Walking’s Oat Whip series, we praised them for inventing a new kind of IPA. Then bam! Our stash vanished in under 24 hours. 

So, for those who missed out, here’s the scoop on this budding style: an Oat Whip brings mouthfeel to the next level. The MW team brews this series with an enormous amount of oats in the base for a hugely thick, silky-smooth body that’s incredibly hard to put down once you start sipping. 

In addition to the creamy, oat-loaded base, they double-dry hopped their latest version with 6 lbs of Motueka Hops per barrel. Each sip of Motueka Cloud Curtain boasts succulent waves of bursting tangerine and drippy pineapple, with delightful orange zest notes on the finish. And, this tropical juice comes wrapped in a surprisingly drinkable 8.5% ABV

Oh, and if you haven’t heard of Mountains Walking, that’s because they still fly under-the-radar outside of Montana. But, if today’s mouth-watering hopjuice is any indicator, it’s only a matter of time before craft fans across the nation start demanding a taste of their Oat Whips. 

Now’s your chance to get in on this hoppy treat early! 

*Montana hop fiends are all about Mountains Walking, whose head brewer honed his skills at New York’s Other Half!