Mocha Pot De Creme
Mocha Pot De Creme

Mocha Pot De Creme

Hubbard's Cave
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  • 4.23 average rating on Untappd
  • 4.16 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Imperial Double Milk Stout
  • 12.0% ABV

Remember that kooky cartoon character from Transylvania that sold drool-worthy chocolate cereal when we were kids? That’s Count Chocula, and I freakin’ met him! 

Seriously. I was hanging out at Chicago's Hubbard’s Cave, trying to score a stash of their newest Pot de Crème release.  

But almost all the chocolate-drenched goodness of the newest Mocha Pot de Crème 2020-1 was already snatched up by sweet-toothed locals! 

And no wonder! The last few batches earned a massive 4.18, 4.23, and 4.28-UT rating, and helped crown these decadent masters one of the Top Craft Breweries in the World on Untappd!

Then, I saw him. The cartoon figure in the shadows, motioning for me to follow him downstairs. How could I not?!

We descended a spiraling staircase into a dungeon-like basement, lit by candles. I asked, “Count Chocula, what’s down here?!”

“My treasures, Claire! All my decadent treasures!” 

Amongst a chamber full of chocolate-drenched dubloons sat the most prized possession of all: a small stash of 12% ABV Mocha Pot de Crème! 

With the first sip, my eyes glazed over in indulgent delight from massive mountains of semi-sweet baker’s chocolate, rivers of thick, melted-down fudgesicles and hints of oh-so-roasty espresso

So of course, I begged him to let me share some with my Direct.Beer friends. 

“But of course, Claire! Though you’ll need to find your own guard spider or secret cave to keep your stash safe. After all, this is a limited-batch!” 

And that’s how I scored a small number of cases of today’s newest Mocha Pot de Crème release from the masters at Hubbard’s Cave. 

Since this beer is impossible to find outside of Illinois and the Tavour app, you better nab your stash fast! I doubt the Count will let me sneak off with any more.