Mocha Hazelnut Rêve Coffee Stout

Mocha Hazelnut Rêve Coffee Stout

Parish Brewing Co.
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  • 4.31 rating on Untappd
  • 4.35 rating on Tavour
  • Stout
  • 7.0% ABV
  • Packaged on 11/1 

As peculiar as it sounds, drinking coffee at night is actually really good for you — not only does a cup o’ joe help you digest, but it also cuts down on after-dinner snacking. It’s why sipping on espresso is a late-night ritual in countries like Spain, France, and Italy! 

Brewed with single-origin coffee, cacao nibs, and toasted hazelnutsMocha Hazelnut Rêve Coffee Stout from the Cajun craft masters at Parish Brewing is a treat for the tastebuds, not to mention a must-try for any Dark Beer fan.

That’s because the O.G. Rêve Stout, the base beer for today’s chocolate-drizzled variant, ranks the #2 Stout on BeerAdvocate, beating offerings from Tree House, Deschutes, and Other Half!

Seriously, Rêve is the type of world-class, elegant sipper that was made for slowly indulging — your customers will be having their sweet-tooth satisfying dessert and sleep-inducing nightcap all in one sip.

Swirls of freshly-ground coffee beans greet the nose from the pitch-black pour. Satiny-smooth notes of cafe macchiato and dark chocolate meld on the palate, while the roasted hazelnuts add a touch of warm nuttiness to every sip. The thick, creamy mouthfeel complements the rich flavors while making the 7% ABV drift away.

You don’t want to miss out on these lush flavors, especially since this brand-spankin’ new sipper isn’t leaving Louisiana for anyone other than Tavour and Direct.Beer members!!

So grab a few cans and turn your taproom into a bona fide European banquet — everyone will deem you the swankiest host around for sharing this Dark Beer delight.


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