Milkshake Orangelicious

Milkshake Orangelicious

Energy City Brewing
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  • 4.11 rating on Untappd
  • 4.10 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Double Milkshake IPA
  • 8.5% ABV

In the Blender: Double dry-hopped Citra Hops are whipped together with real oranges, silky Madagascar vanilla, and creamy lactose. On the Tastebuds: Tangy-sweet citrus sorbet swirls with thick vanilla ice cream for a boozy, 8.5% ABV Orange Julius-like experience.

The last time Tavour offered Milkshake Orangealicious, their members snatched it up in less than two days and gave it stellar 4+ ratings. 

So, all you creamsicle lovers, NOW is the time to grab some cases for your customers. ‘Cause you have access to an even smaller stash than Tavour managed to get, and the Untappd reviews verify that this fresh, new batch is creamier, citrus-ier and even more delicious than the last! 

  •   “Better than the first batch. Tastes more like an orange popsicle and a DIPA had a kid.” @Roo M. 
  •    “SO much better! Wonderful orange and vanilla with the creaminess brought by lactose.” @Jon H.
  •  “Crazy orange flavors. Creamy AF.” @Adam S.

Local craft fans jump on Energy City’s limited batches pretty much the moment the juicy-creamy sustenance hits the can. They’ve even boosted the brewery’s UT score above other revered small-batchers like Grimm, Tired Hands and Modern Times.

Which explains why it’s so hard to smuggle Energy City beers out of Illinois. Grab your stash of today’s Orangealicious sipper and let your customers be one of the few non-Chicagoans to get a taste!