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  • Too new for ratings!
  • 3.87 Brewery Score
  • DDH New England IPA
  • 7.7% ABV

Some things are worth bragging about. 

Like being one of the first people to ever hear David Bowie and Freddy Mercury belt out the chorus to “Under Pressure.” Or winning VIP tickets to the red carpet premiere of the newest Marvel movie. 

Or, better yet, scoring a brand-spankin’ new, limited-release collab from the Best Brew in New York award-winners at Barrier and Thrillist’s Best Brewery in New York, KCBC.

Because normally, finding a juicy quencher from either one of these New York hopmasters outside the Northeast is next to impossible. 

And usually, you’d have to offer up trades of Monkish or 3 Floyds. Or, fly out to NYC and stuff your suitcase full of cans for a chance to indulge in a brew like today’s Methodical IPA.

So, getting your hands on a 7.7% ABV sipper crafted by both of these mega-hyped breweries before practically anyone else in the country? That’s the kind of s*** you shout from the rooftops!

But be careful how loud and boisterously you brag. 

‘Cause I’ll bet when your friends, neighbors, and hop-fiending customers hear that you scored a stash of this beer — loaded with a meticulously balanced blend of mango-soaked Mosaic, pineapple-y Kohatu, and resinous, piney Falconer’s Flight Hops — they’ll offer up just about anything for a taste.

You might want to consider grabbing a few extra cases of Methodical while you’re at it. That way, you can introduce your buddies to these New York brewmasters. 

After a little bragging, of course.

Methodical was released on 11/15/2019 and is too new for ratings. Grab yours and let your customers be one of the first to check in on Untappd!


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