Maple MW

Maple MW

Cycle Brewing
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  • 4.16 rating on Untappd
  • 4.21 Brewery rating
  • Maple Syrup BA Stock Ale with Lactose
  • 11% ABV

One does not simply earn the title of #5 Best Brewery in the World from Food & Wine by being “good.” 

To beat out global powerhouses like Mikkeller, Omnipollo and Other Half, Florida's Cycle Brewing raises the bar to ”phenomenal.” 

Take, for example, today’s 11% ABV Barrel-Aged Maple MW Stock Ale

Even after making their last Barrel-Aged Stock Ale, a pour which earned a stellar 4.42 Tavour rating, the brewers thought “You know what? Let’s make it even better.”

So now, Cycle goes further down the flavor vortex by aging their acclaimed Stock Ale for 8 months in freshly-emptied Maple Barrels — taking this brew to next-level greatness.

In fact, the barrels were SO fresh, they came with a crystallized syrup coating!

This means that during the aging process, this wall of solidified syrup imparts massive notes of authentic maple flavor in each thick sip — like drizzling it straight from the tree and into your glass. 

Plus, by making only one small batch of BA Maple MW, Cycle achieves a greater barrel surface-to-beer ratio. The result is an auburn pour delivering decadent amounts of sweet, rich maple goodness on a caramel-rich backbone, with a splash of lactose creaminess to round out each complex sip. 

Why settle for just good beer? Grab yourself a stash of today’s limited-release pour from Cycle and experience for yourself the greatness of one of the world’s best breweries.