CHONK Mango & Marshmallow

CHONK Mango & Marshmallow

Drekker Brewing
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  • Too new for ratings!
  • 4.02 Brewery rating
  • Sour
  • 4.0% ABV

“Thick! Mango for sure. Marshmallow? Sure. It's smooth and decadent. Is this beer? It's very tasty.” @Alan the Prodigal IPA Pounder on Untappd

Today’s indulgent, yet perplexing beer is called CHONK Mango & Marshmallow, and it’s crafted by the Best of Craft Beer and US Open Beer Championship award-winners at Drekker.

But that’s not why I’m flipping out over snagging the half of the only stash of this dessert-inspired sipper to leave the Midwest.  

No, I’m as giddy as a mango-soaked gumdrop because this thick-as-hell, 4.0% ABV Sour is stuffed with mango, smothered in marshmallows, and heaped with creamy, sweet lactose in every barrel!

Yeah, I know! Just reading that is enough to make me go coo-coo for this fruity and fluffy layered treat. And I’m not the only one. 

Fargo craft fans are so impressed with Drekker's CHONK series, they've given them an average of 4.35 score on Untappd, and compared them to the Slushy Series from 450 North.

But the praise doesn’t stop there! Scroll through the check-ins and you’ll see comment after comment from fans who just can’t get enough of today’s smoothie-thick Sour:

“Even better than the Chocolate & Raspberry and I thought that was impossible. No wonder the line is out the door!

One of the best beers I’ve ever had.

“They may just need to create a new official style of beer.....smoothie. These are just on a whole other level.”

So, if you’re ready to get on a “whole other level” — and be the first to introduce your friends to the brewing powers of the boys at Drekker — then grab your cases now.

‘Cause this is one chonky brew you and your customers definitely don’t want to miss.