Man is Animal

Man is Animal

Anchorage Brewing
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Best By: 5/24/2020
Estimated Delivery: 2/19 - 2/24 

  • 3.72 Rating on Untappd
  • 4.04 Brewery score
  • Kölsch
  • 4.5% ABV

If this was Europe, Gabe Fletcher of Anchorage Brewing would be locked away in a jail cell. Because in Europe, you can’t brew a Kölsch unless you’re within 30 miles of the city of Köln, Germany. 

So today’s Man is Animal would be grounds for arrest.

And once those Euro beer-cops got a taste of this brew, they’d probably get REALLY upset, because it’s as good as anything coming out of Germany. Which is no surprise — when one of Thrillist’s Best Breweries in America makes a Kölsch, it’s gonna shine like the northern lights. 

So I am bringing some to Arizona. See, Kölsch is one of my favorite styles, but we only get a few of them each year at Tavour and Direct.Beer. So, I always make sure to score them from breweries I KNOW will knock it out of the park. 

Anchorage is one of those breweries. Scroll through their Untappd page and you’ll find 4+ rated brews in just about every style you can think of. They might be almost 5,000 miles too far from Köln to brew one legally, but they will nail the Kölsch.

It’s light, ultra-refreshing, and replete with soft maltiness, subtle citrus, and nuanced apricot flavors — ideal for satisfying all your sports-watching, snow-shoveling, post-skiing needs. And we’re free to drink it despite the Euro laws, because this is America, dammit. 

Just don’t take it to Europe. You might get arrested.