The Magic Dragon

The Magic Dragon

Connecticut Valley Brewing Co
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  • 3.96 rating on Untappd
  • 3.85 Brewery rating
  • Kettle Sour
  • 5.5% ABV

Unique Ingredients: This tart brew drips with fresh juice from over 800 lbs. of dragon fruit and 600 lbs. of passion fruit! Overflowing with complex flavors of kiwi, pineapple, blood orange, and guava this Sour is pure magic.

**note: check this beer out on Untappd. You will not believe that color!

Ever walk into a grocery store and see those vibrantly pink, egg-shaped fruits with green flyaways that kinda look like they are ablaze in a weird, ethereal flame?

That, my friends, is a Dragonfruit! 

And now, you have a chance to experience a beer crammed full of the exotic delight with today’s The Magic Dragon

This brand-new brew hails from Connecticut Valley Brewing Co, the crafters renowned for their imaginative pours and out-of-the-ordinary flavors - especially when it comes to sours.

But seriously, after getting my hands on this 5.5% ABV crusher, I trekked down to my local World Market, bought the ripest dragonfruit I could find, and took it home for the ultimate tropical taste-test comparison.

And let me tell you, today’s brew doesn’t just highlight the flavor of Dragonfruit in a beer, it amplifies it: Every sip tastes exactly like slicing open slices of the tropics and taking a big ol’ juicy bite.

So, if you’re ready to awaken your palate, stock up on a few cans of today’s The Magic Dragon. And if your customers ever ask you what a dragonfruit tastes like, just hand them a can and tell ‘em to dive on in.