Lupujus 8

Lupujus 8

Imagine Nation Brewing Co
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  • 4.12 rating on Untappd
  • 3.95 Brewery rating
  • DIPA
  • 8.0% ABV

Hefty Hops: Over 5 lbs per barrel of Simcoe, Citra, and newly-developed Strata Hops pack this juiced-up sipper! Each sip rounds-up notes of tangy apricot, ripe melon, tropical passionfruit, and dank evergreen. Mountainous Mouthfeel: Soft haze and potent waves of juiciness mask every hint of the 8.0% ABV.

Maybe I’ve been watching too many Western movies, but there’s an old-fashioned saying that’s branded into my brain like a hot iron on a cow hide: “Some people follow wagon tracks while others break new trails.

Certainly, the fellas at Montana’s Imagine Nation Brewing are the forging-kind of pioneers — after all, they were the first brewery in the state to make a Hazy IPA, ending the region’s long, juicebomb drought.

And, after tasting the massive fruity flavors and smooth-sipping haze the brewers managed to wrangle into today’s mouth-watering brew, you can consider me hitched onto these trailblazer’s wagon for good!

Released only twice a year and only available in their Missoula taproom, locals thank their lucky stars if they can lasso in a few cans of today’s Lupujus 8 New England Double IPA! Luckily, we managed to smuggle a small stash of this sipper out of Big Sky country to share with our retailers without an old-fashioned showdown.

Be the one breaking new trails by introducing your customers to the wonders of these Rocky Mountain juice-slingers. Throw on some Western flicks, grill up a few steaks, and get ready to feel like the John Wayne of your beer buds.