Lost Ghosts

Lost Ghosts

Anchorage Brewing
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  • 4.04 Brewery rating
  • DIPA
  • 8.4% ABV

A friend in need is a friend indeed — but a friend with a stash of Anchorage Newest Double Dry Hopped Double IPA is better!

We’re talking about coveted hopjuice from one of Thrillist’s Best Breweries in America, for Pete’s sake! And normally, you’d have to fly all the way up to the icy North just to scrounge up an IPA like this from the taproom.

Lucky for you, we’re tight with the famed Anchorage brewers. And today, you can BE that friend dishing out the Anchorage stash when you share Lost Ghosts!

How much you’re willing to share shows how much you really care. And if you’re willing to share even a drop of this fresh Anchorage Hazy, you definitely care A LOT.