Live to Fight Another IPA

Live to Fight Another IPA

Stable 12 Brewing Co.
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  • 3.98 rating on Untappd
  • 3.74 Brewery rating
  • NE IPA
  • 6% ABV 

One sip of today’s Live to Fight Another IPA, and I’m wondering why we don’t see more IPAs with Hallertau Blanc Hops

You’ve probably tried these hops before in Saisons, Pilsners, and Lagers, but they bring some seriously delectable citrus and white wine-berry notes to IPAs!

Basically, Hallertau Blanc is like that person who studied abroad in Germany, then returned to the American West Coast with an accent and announced to their Cascade Hop parents that they were moving to Europe for good. They now identify as a wholly German Hop, while brimming with fruit-forward characteristics from their American parentage. 

And for today’s Hazy IPA, Stable 12 Brewing Co. combined Hallertau Blanc with doses of Amarillo and Citra to craft a supremely lush quencher. 

It sips down so smoothly, with such luxurious stone fruit, juicy tangerine, and mouthwatering gooseberry notes from the Hallertau — you’ll wonder why these next-gen German hops aren’t used more often in IPAs, too!

In the meantime, grab some extra cans while we’ve got this Stable 12 beauty and let everyone know you’re ahead of the hop curve!

*Stable 12 really is ahead of the hop curve — Forbes even calls them leaders of the Pennsylvania craft revolution!