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  • 3.91 rating on Untappd!
  • 3.97 Brewery rating
  • 6.5% ABV 

Ingredients: Citra, Wai-iti, and Cashmere Hops come together with Oats and a Pilsner / Vienna Malt blend for a soft, fluffy mouthfeel and tropically dank flavors. Aroma: Like an old-timey candy shoppe merged with a fresh fruit market — candied pineapple and tangerine are the main nose-teasers here. Taste: Like biting into a ripe peach and a juicy orange slice at the same time. 

I consider the Direct.Beer community my family, and I do everything I can for my family. So when I took my first sip of today’s insanely quenching Lifted in Staircases IPA, I knew what I had to do. I decided to make Interboro an offer they couldn’t refuse. 

And once you introduce your customers to this dank haze from New York’s IPA pros, they won’t be able to refuse it either!

But it wasn’t easy to come by. When I asked for a juicy stash of Lifted in Staircases at Interboro’s Brooklyn taproom, the bartender turned me down flat. 

“Forget it, Claire,” he said. “We only just released this haze, and it’s gonna be more famous than Robert De Niro’s eye squint. But there’s no way it’s leavin’ the New York area!” 

Nevertheless, the pillowy stonefruit and citrus flavors wrapped in a drinkable 6.5% ABV left me both refreshed and determined to see things through for the Direct.Beer community.  

After all, this IPA reminded me why everyone from Holy Mountain to Other Half wants to collab with Interboro AND why they beat out 386 other breweries to nab first place in Draft Magazine’s Best IPAs in America competition!

So, I waited until the bartender was helping other customers and then slipped into the back room to plead my case directly to the brewers.  

Some begging and a few handshakes later, those IPA masters agreed to let me walk out with as many Lifted in Staircases cans as I could carry. There was just one condition — I couldn’t tell anyone outside of the Direct.Beer community how I got it (turns out there’s just not enough of this limited brew to go around). 

My arms aren’t that big though, so I couldn’t carry much. Direct.Beer fam, now’s the time to grab your stash before this brew’s availability goes to sleep with the fishes! 

Oh, and when your customers ask how you got your hands on this juicy haze, just wink and tell ‘em it fell off the back of a truck.