Le Seul IX Strawberry

Le Seul IX Strawberry

Une Année
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  • 4.13 rated on Untappd
  • 4.06 Brewery rating for Une Année on Untappd
  • American Wild Ale with Strawberry
  • 6.5% ABV

When we talk about the Sourest brewers in the country, Chicago’s Une Année Brewery immediately comes to mind right up there with giants like Cascade and de Garde. Their latest release, Le Seul IX Strawberry, is buzzing with tangy berry flavors -- if it weren’t for the delicious slap of Sour, you’d think you were picking plump strawberries fresh off the patch.

Like a sour strawberry sorbet zested with lemon, Le Seul IX unleashes astoundingly bright acidity with sip after sip of mouth puckering fruitiness that Tavour's Sour fans love – they’ve given the other 8 in the Le Seul Series ratings of 4.0 and above! 

With a pucker this powerful and boastful ratings on Untappd and BeerAdvocate, Le Seul IX is destined to win the hearts of our fans, too.

Sweet strawberry jam fills your senses from the first whiff of this hazy, rose-hued beauty. A bright, lemony zing awakens your palate as tart, barely-ripe strawberries and notes of rhubarb appear. Le Seul IX leaves a tangy stain on your tongue, long after a pastry-like crispness arrives in a dry finish.

Une Année’s Le Seul Series makes some of the most complex Sours look like child’s play. Not many breweries can capture the flavors of delicate strawberries and craft them into a satisfyingly tart Sour. Best to prepare your tastebuds now for this lip-smacking brew!