Le Grande Monde 2018-08
Le Grande Monde 2018-08

Le Grande Monde 2018-08

Une Année
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  • 4.02 rating on Untappd
  • 4.06 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • BA AWA with Wildflower Honey and Elderflower
  • 6.5% ABV

Landing a bottle of today’s Le Grand Monde 2018-8 Wild Ale is like scoring backstage passes to a concert put on by your all-time favorite band.

This tart and complex sipper was crafted by the Wild Ale masters at Chicago’s Une Annee. Beer geeks gush about these Sour specialists and their hyper-focus on complex, barrel-aged brews.

You may have even seen their name pop-up on the top of beer forum lists like, “Must Try Wild Ales,” “Beer from 5 breweries for the rest of your life,” and even “Best Sour Breweries in the World.”

But we can guarantee that most of Une Annee’s fans haven’t tasted Le Grand Monde  — in fact, today’s vintage comes to you straight from the brewer’s cellar.

So really, getting your hands on a bottle feels more like the lead singer of your favorite band showing up at your door to personally give you those backstage passes to the sold-out show.

It’s pretty freakin’ awesome.

With less than 250 lucky tasters checking in on UT, any Wild Ale fan’s jaw will drop to the floor when they hear you scored a bottle — tasting it feels like sitting front row center as the band reaches the power ballad crescendo.

To create Le Grand Monde, Une Annee starts with their base Wild Ale and ages it in oak barrels for over a year. Then, they loaded it with 8lbs of elderflower and wildflower honey, imparting the brew with layers of herbal complexity and a sweet indulgent depth. Notes of lemongrass and jammy stonefruit appear in a final concerto, finishing clean and crisp.

So if you think you can handle the serious beer bragging rights that come from scoring Le Grand Monde, don’t wait to add a bottle to your personal cellar.