King of the Thing

King of the Thing

Drekker Brewing
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  • 4.26 Rating on Untappd
  • 4.01 Brewery rating
  • All Citra DIPA
  • 8.3% ABV 

Aroma: Freshly-peeled oranges and ripe tropical pineapple rush from the golden pour, spreading the word that you’re drinking something juicy AF! Flavor: A cavalry of candied lemon and ripe orange charges the palate, while reinforcements of decadent lychee and sparkling peach Bellini swoop in for a sweet finish. 

Midwest craft fans adorn Drekker Brewing’s Citra-blasted hopbomb with a bow-worthy 4.33 UT-rating

A rating that impressive means there’s only one thing left to do: round up the trumpet orchestra and roll out the red carpet — it’s time to welcome new royalty to the hazy throne: today’s King of the Thing Imperial IPA!

Hailing from the juicy masterminds at Drekker, each glass of this hop-loaded orange juice has craft fans swearing loyalty to these US Open Beer Champions. 

Normally impossible to find outside the Midwest, this is your chance to be one of the lucky few to taste the crowning glory of the King of the Thing. 

And after one Citra-fueled sip, you’ll be shouting praise alongside fellow UT-users:

  • “There’s a New King in town!” @Eion R
  • “Best Drekker beer to date!” @Kevin R. 
  • “Hail to the king, baby.” @Dan P.

Experiencing today’s royal-status brew will elevate you into an elite group of craft fans, the Knights of Juice-alot! From the first taste, you’ll pledge never-ending allegiance to Drekker’s mighty haze — all hail, the King of the Thing!