Jenny Said

Jenny Said

SingleCut Beersmiths
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  • 4.16 rating on Untappd
  • 4.03 Brewery rating
  • 7.7% ABV

“Jenny Said when she was just five years old, there was nothing happening at all.” — ‘Rock and Roll’ by The Velvet Underground

We all feel a little like Jenny sometimes — like there’s nothin’ going down at all. But one fine day I visited a New York brewery, and I couldn’t believe what I tasted at all! 

That brewery was SingleCut Beersmiths, and the unbelievable flavor was Jenny Said Imperial IPA

Each sip drenches the taste buds with notes of fresh mango slices, ripe peach, bright pineapple, and juicy white grapefruit. And it’s all wrapped in a body so soft and smooth, the 7.7% ABV completely disappears. 

It might be my favorite thing to come out of NYC since Lou Reed formed the Velvet Underground. And I’m not the only fan — this brew scores an impressive 96/100 ‘World Class’ rating on BeerAdvocate, where fans call it “very crushable” and “easily my favorite offering from SingleCut!”

So, if you ever find yourself feeling like there’s nothing happening at all, you can crack open a can of Jenny Said, throw on a little rock and roll, and start sippin’ and dancing to that fine, fine music. And it’s alright, oh baby, alright!