Howe Life
Howe Life

Howe Life

Four Fathers Brewing
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  • 3.59 rating on Untappd
  • 3.93 Brewery rating
  • Lager
  • 5.6% ABV

Sometimes a certain crisp-drinking brew ends a beer slump you didn't even know you were having. Half way through the can, you call up a friend to say: “Dude, I'm drinking the tastiest sh*t.”

Four Father's Howe Life Lager is a phone-a-friend beer waiting to happen. Its light piney notes and crisp hop flavors are easy drinking personified.

When I pulled it out of my fridge, I knew it was cold, I knew it was from Four Fathers, and I knew I wanted something I could eat a whole bag of chips with. But as I started to drink, I stopped paying attention to the snackage and TV and started paying attention to this beer. There’s something familiar about its ensemble, but it’s coming at you in a different way.

And then I remember the brewers at Four Fathers mentioning that Howe Life is brewed with 100% local Chinook hops from Howe Farms in Indiana and I leaned back, cracked a second can, and called up a few more friends. 

So call up some of your choice customers and tell them you've stocked up on some of the tastiest sh*t.