Hop Surf
Hop Surf

Hop Surf

Energy City Brewing
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  • 4.04 rating on Untappd
  • 4.13 brewery rating
  • Double NE IPA
  • 8.5% ABV

Hop Surf: A boatload of Citra and Mosaic Hops make for a sea of tropicality. Flavor Tide: Hazy waves of orange, peach, and blueberry crash over the palate, amped up lush, foresty pine notes. Mouthfeel: Frothy soft!  

They must have some hidden tropical beaches in Chicago, because the folks at Energy City have captured some seriously tasty waves in today’s Hazy IPA. 

Whether you actually surf or not, you’ll enjoy kicking back with Hop Surf as the weather warms up. It flows so smooth and fruit-forward, you’ll barely notice the 8.2% ABV! 

As @Nick L. says on Untappd, “This would be a good summer slammer.” 

And we totally agree! But, we don’t want to wait until summer to kick back with this quencher. We’re ready to crack one open, this very minute!

If you’ve never picked up an Energy City IPA before, now’s your chance to see why they’ve earned an impressive 4.10 UT brewery score — higher than some of the most adorned IPA-crafters in the country, including Anchorage, Tired Hands, and Grimm! 

Good waves like this don’t leave the Midwest often, so catch Hop Surf now, and ride it into fruit-forward bliss.