HC Chocolate & Blueberry Pot De Creme 2020-1
HC Chocolate & Blueberry Pot De Creme 2020-1

HC Chocolate & Blueberry Pot De Creme 2020-1

Hubbard's Cave
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  • 4.16 rating on Untappd
  • 4.16 Brewery rating on Untappd
  • Imperial Stout with Chocolate, Blueberries, Vanilla, and Lactose
  • 12.0% ABV

As a teenager, my favorite snack was simple — Franken Berry and Count Chocula cereal mixed together in a bowl with a splash of milk. The berry and chocolate flavors melded deliciously, and the dizzying sugar rush always made me jump for a second bowl.  

I still love the sweet combo of berries and chocolate, only I’m a grown-up now with more options. So when I discovered today’s Chocolate & Blueberry Pot De Creme from Chicago’s Hubbard’s Cave, it was love at first juicy-sweet taste! 

Sittin’ pretty and powerful with a chocolate-drizzled 12% ABV, Pot De Creme is a chewy mother of an Imperial Stout. And the brewers load it up with real Chocolate, Vanilla Beans, Milk Sugar, and Fresh Blueberries!

Blueberries are not often seen in dark brews, much less combined with chocolate. But leave it to the experts at Hubbard’s Cave to break the rules and nail it. These guys have a 4.16 UT rating, rocketing them past Dark Beer greats like 3 Floyds, Founders and Evil Twin. 

That makes Hubbard’s Cave one of the top-ranked microbreweries in the world!

One sip of the creamy, decadent Pot De Crème, and telling you that Hubbard’s Cave specializes in dark dessert beers is like telling you there’s sugar in breakfast cereals. But despite how well-known they are in the craft world, their beers hardly ever leave Illinois. 

If you missed out on the last Hubbard’s Cave dessert brew, now’s your chance to try their latest chocolate-drizzled berry creation and seriously amp up your craft cred! But you’re going to have to grab it fast. This stock is gonna vanish faster than a cereal-induced sugar rush.