Hall of Truth (Nightmare Collab)
Hall of Truth (Nightmare Collab)

Hall of Truth (Nightmare Collab)

Barrier Brewing Co.
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  • Too new for ratings!
  • 3.88 brewery rating
  • In collaboration with Nightmare Brewing Co(4.15 brewery score)
  • NE IPA
  • 9.0% ABV

This week, Barrier Brewing Co teamed up with the Long Island horror-mongers at Nightmare to create a boozy 9.0% IPA that has the power to transport you to heaven or hell... literally.

That’s because today’s Hall of Truth is named after, well...lightly put...the Egyptian Hall of Maat, where judgement of the dead was preformed in the afterlife.

It’s a name that only the macabre masters at Nightmare could pull off with style. With huge flavors and personality in every one of their brews, these craft fiends are quickly becoming some of our favorite phantom brewers!

Their earthshaking 4.15 Untappd brewery rating puts them in the league of legends like Holy Mountain, Toppling Goliath, and fellow metalheads, Adroit Theory.

Not to mention the last Double IPA that Barrier and Nightmare produced together earned a 4.13 rating on UT!

And today’s murky pour proves they can throw haze with the best New England breweries.

Invite all of your juicehead customers over to experience this beautiful Nightmare, but be careful — once they get a sip of Hall of Truth's ripping flavors and masterfully disguised ABV, they may never want to wake up.